A bite-sized podcast for solopreneurs: Luckygirl

Christina Aldan

A bite-sized podcast for solopreneurs: Luckygirl
14 MIN2017 NOV. 29
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“I believe everyone has a greatness” Sophia Falke   Sophia Falke has learned to embrace the greatness within. In her recent book: “Embracing Greatness: A Guide for Living the Life You Love" speaks to people who may feel stuck or frustrated with their current life situation. The book idea originated from a campground in Western Nebraska while Sophia was taking a year off. In it, she encourages us all to look inward and understand what makes our heart sing. Sophia believes we all have greatness within and by getting in touch with our own personal version of greatness will lead to a joyful life.


Christina Aldan is the CEO/founder of LG Designs (lgdesigns.co) and a digital media marketer who travels the world speaking to tech industry folks, entrepreneurs and female business owners.