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Alcohol Across America – A Project of the RRForum


Alcohol Across America – A Project of the RRForum
56 min2017 SEP 18
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Dr. Brad Krevor and Co-host Charles Curie will be interviewing Dr. Monica Gourovitch. Dr. Gourovitch is a research scientist with extensive senior policy and corporate scientific affairs leadership experience regarding the impact beverage alcohol has on both the health of the individual and the health and safety of the community. We will explore what the latest research is telling us about the use of beverage alcohol and the impact it has on one’s health. Topics will include: review of the established federal government dietary guidelines regarding alcohol use, the health dangers of alcohol misuse and overuse, any health benefits of alcohol use, the definitions of moderate, binge and heavy drinking, consideration of public policies and individual efforts that support responsible alcohol consumption, and how we as a nation and other nations are dealing with the issues of health and alcohol.