Arts & Entertainment with Mike Marriott & Metro Melik

Metro Melik

Arts & Entertainment with Mike Marriott & Metro Melik
28 min2019 AUG 14
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An episode about creating art into the art business. Mike Marriott talks about how Arts & Entertainment surrounds us. There's a reference to "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X. And Metro Melik talks about the genre that Johnny Cash should belong. There's a little nod to Varhaus. Mr. Marriott speaks on how business can invest in art as well as artist and why that is good for business. Metro Lansing is an emerging mostly blank canvas of where artist can find many opportunities to partner with business in order to be able to help facilitate in their art production. Mr. Marriott touches on the subject with raising funds as an artist.

Reach Studio Art Center, The Fledge, 

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