Arts & Entertainment with Mike Marriott & Metro Melik

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Arts & Entertainment with Mike Marriott & Metro Melik
25 min2019 JUL 23
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This is the first episode of Arts & Entertainment with Mike Marriott & Metro Melik. Mike Marriott is the Arts Promoter. A Lansing resident by way of New York City and Peoria, Illinois. In this episode a little about Mr. Marriott's upbringing. His journey to NYC. And finally how he and his wife fell in love with Michigan and subsequently decided to live in Lansing, Michigan.
Mr. Marriott had aspiration to be a professional tap dancer. After he received his degree in Arts Administration he ventured to New York City. Learn his story about Long Island, Manhattan, tap dancing, ballet, marketing, meeting his wife, the Detroit Lions, Thanksgiving Day Lions Game, Owosso cemeteries, and moving to Lansing, Michigan.

He has a goal to take his knowledge to help artist achieve their goals through his company Opportunity Arts. Find them at  https://www.opportunityarts.org/

Thanks for stopping by. Find more [future] podcasts and fun at  https://www.lansingmade.com/ 

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