C3 Pathfinders | Marketplace Minute

Colin Higginbottom

C3 Pathfinders | Marketplace Minute
2 MIN2019 MAR 4
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This Marketplace Minute is brought to you by C3 Pathfinders in San Diego, California.

Pathfinders Exists to...
Awaken men and women to the high calling of influencing every pillar of culture in San Diego.
Activate and accelerate marketplace leaders in their specific marketplace assignments.
Encourage, challenge, coach, build and train marketplace leaders.
Expose current leaders to world class influencers.
Raise up young professionals to take their place in society and shift culture.
Cultivate an atmosphere of courage, wisdom and innovation that is unparalleled in San Diego.
Create healthy marketplace networking events where dynamic relational synergy is a standard.
Impact the city of San Diego for generations to come.

More details on our mission, events, and sponsorship opportunities, visit: C3Pathfinders.com