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Digital Grocer Podcast

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Digital Grocer Podcast
30 minAPR 17
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This podcast, we're talking about grocery micro fulfillment with AutoStore Business Development Manager, Andrew Benzinger. What are micro fulfillment centers (MFCs)? How can they help you get groceries into your shoppers’ hands faster? We’re answering these questions and more!

Andrew talks about how MFCs improve the shopper experience. Not only can they make fulfillment faster and more efficient for online orders, but they can also improve the in-store shopping experience for customers. A common issue for shoppers is congestion in-store from the increased number of pickers, especially from third parties.

“How do we solve for that? One of the ways that we do is with an MFC is being able to remove most, if not all, of those pickers out of the store entirely, allowing those customers that do want to shop, without green shirts in the store, to have a really positive experience. I mean, think about a number of regional grocers, or even Whole Foods 10 years ago, they had beer taps and glasses of wine walking around the store. Pretty hard to do when you're bumping into third party shopping groups, or even your own shoppers clogging up the aisles. It's a long way from that elevated experience that a lot of people are trying to accomplish.”

How have retailers using grocery micro fulfillment solutions been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Andrew shares how AutoStore clients have seen unprecedented growth:

“The volumes are through the roof, and we're seeing a few grocery companies, as early as last year, plan for three, five and 10% growth, and they hit that in the first day of March, which is pretty crazy.”

Listen to the full interview to learn about how your business could benefit from grocery micro fulfillment with Autostore.

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