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DTT Disruptors


DTT Disruptors
25 min2018 JUL 10
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Welcome everyone, to the 15th episode of DTT Disruptors Podcast. I’m Dan Addy, founder and Managing Director of DTT Broadcast. This is the podcast where I interview the movers and shakers of Media and Entertainment Technology in an attempt to solve some of the greatest challenges in our industry today.In today’s episode, I interview Patrick Macdonald-King, currently serving on 2 Advisory Boards as well as consulting for a Private Equity Fund.In 2014, Patrick’s company DAX, Software-as-a-Service cloud offering, was acquired by Prime Focus Technologies. PMK assumed the position of President of the American Region. Been awarded 4 patents for its Digital Dailies️ technology; and recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences with a Primetime Emmy DAX is still the most widely used production asset management and workflow application in the world. Patrick is a true leader who grew the DAX business from ground zero to over 50,000 users of the software and a successful exit of 15x EBITDA.Prior to DAX, Patrick was Managing Director of one, and President of another startup companies and in various account management roles working on global brands such as Dodge, Jeep and IBM. In today’s episode, Patrick and I discuss vendor consolidation and how it changes the landscape for organisations.With his experienced outlook, Patrick will also tell us about what broadcasters are trying to achieve nowadays and discuss the supply strategies most of them use, pointing out the challenges they face and the future of broadcast and media technology and on the way to revolutionising the industry!Without further ado, let’s welcome Patrick to the show…