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DTT Disruptors


DTT Disruptors
39 min2017 DEC 28
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Welcome to the 6th Episode of the DTTDisruptor podcast, where I interview the movers and shakers of the Broadcast and Media Tech industry globally.In today's episode, I interview Graeme Stanley, Chief Commercial Officer and board member at the TV, Entertainment Reality Network (TERN), the creator of INsight TV, the premium Ultra HD channel.Graeme has over 30 years experience in the TV and cable industry internationally, including a significant role at iTV as senior programming director and general manager. More recently, Graeme has been spearheading the commercial, distribution and advertisement growth of INsight TV globally.Graeme talks in depth about 4K content and why he believes we have finally turned the corner in getting it to the masses globally.Let's welcome Alex to the show...If you've got around 45 minutes free, you can download and listen to our podcast episodes on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/dtt-disruptors/id1281454679?mt=2). Whether it has been published yesterday or three months ago, you will be able to access this content.Here is our website (http://dttbroadcast.com/). Follow us on twitter @DTTBroadcast for more such interesting content in our industry. We invite you to download the 4 simple steps to grow your broadcast and video business from here: https://dttbroadcast.lpages.co/4-simple-steps-broadcast-and-video-business-growth/ Credits:bensound.com