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DTT Disruptors


DTT Disruptors
25 min2018 JAN 10
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Hello and welcome to the 7th  Episode of DTT Disruptors Podcast…  I’m Dan Addy, founder and Managing Director of DTT Broadcast. This is the podcast where I interview the movers and shakers of Media and Entertainment Technology in an attempt solve some of the greatest challenges in our industry today.In today’s episode, I interviewed Neil Maycock - EVP & General Manager, Media Software Solutions at Snell Advanced MediaNeil is currently responsible for the company’s production, editing, media management, and playout product lines. He previously held the role of EVP Marketing and led the rebranding of Quantel Snell to Snell Advanced Media.Prior to SAM, Neil held the positions of Chief Architect and Chief Marketing Officer at Snell following the 2009 merger of Pro-Bel and Snell Wilcox. Before the merger he was a member of the Pro-Bel board and held positions including President of the Americas and Chief Technology Officer.He is a Fellow of the IET, Chartered Engineer, and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.Neil talks about the migration of broadcast applications to cloud and SaaS models, and how is that affecting the industry at large along with some very interesting insights on how he got there where he is today