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DTT Disruptors


DTT Disruptors
46 min2018 JAN 25
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Hello and welcome to the 8th Episode of DTT Disruptors Podcast… I’m Dan Addy, founder and Managing Director of DTT Broadcast. This is the podcast where I interview the movers and shakers of Media and Entertainment Technology in an attempt solve some of the greatest challenges in our industry today.In today’s episode, I interviewed MC Patel - Founder and CEO at Emotion Systems MC, is a serial entrepreneur in the Broadcast and Post Production industry. He was a driving force behind Abekas in the 1980s and went on to establish Alpha Image, leading the way during the digital revolution in the early 90s. After selling the business to Dynatech, MC became the Head of European Sales closing multi-million dollar contracts with STAR, ORBIT and Wharf Cable. He then moved to Discreet as Director of Hardware Technology before leaving to set up Post Impressions, a company specialising in developing high performance platforms, in 1999. MC and team formed Emotion Systems in 2010. MC’s strength is his ability to combine his deep understanding of broadcast and post production workflow with his knowledge of the technologies involved to create pragmatic solutions. His ability to then go on and sell those solutions makes his involvement very special. MC and I talk about innovation in technology its impact on operational efficiency and on our industry at largeIf you've got around 45 minutes free, you can download and listen to our podcast episodes on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/dtt-disruptors/id1281454679?mt=2). Whether it has been published yesterday or three months ago, you will be able to access this content.Here is our website (http://dttbroadcast.com/). Follow us on twitter @DTTBroadcast for more such interesting content in our industry. We invite you to download the 4 simple steps to grow your broadcast and video business from here: https://dttbroadcast.lpages.co/4-simple-steps-broadcast-and-video-business-growth/ Credits:bensound.com