Find Me in Seattle Podcast with Conner Cayson

Conner Cayson

Find Me in Seattle Podcast with Conner Cayson
27 min2020 DEC 22
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Treasure! This past week I discovered a TikTok account called @Treasure_guys and this Seattleite, I think his name is Mike, hides treasure around the city for people to find. In his most recent hunt, his pizza inspired video ended with a clue about treasure being hidden in a park on the same street as Kerry Park. I jumped out of bed to go find it, and it only took me 3 separate trips over 24 hours to finally discover the box hidden high up in a gazebo. The box contained 25 $2 bills and a bonus $50 after I posted a video declaring I found it on TikTok. 

This Week at Find Me in Seattle includes:

The Christmas Burger from LOCAL IN SOUTH LAKE UNION includes crispy chicken, sausage patty, bacon, white cheddar cranberry sauce, caramelized onions, cabbage, peppercorn gravy - https://localpubliceatery.com/neighbourhoods/terry-ave/menu/

Poke in Edmonds from ONO Poke - https://eatonopoke.com/

Tres Lecheria in Wallingford - https://www.treslecheria.com/

Joey Kitchen Take Home Fajita Kit - https://joeyrestaurants.com/location/joey-university-village