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Grow Big Business Show

Jim Butz and Cynthia Trevino

Grow Big Business Show
24 min2016 JUL 22
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Sandi Masori wears many hats; professional balloon artist, marketer, educator, author, serial dieter, mother, and TV personality. Her passions are balloon art, travel, and online/ offline marketing. 


Sandi grew up in San Diego, Ca and after traveling around the world making balloons, she returned to San Diego, where she now lives with her two children. 


When Sandi is not writing books, she runs Balloon Utopia (and Market With Balloons)- a San Diego based balloon decor and entertainment company, and The Masori Group, a San Diego based online/ offline marketing company. She also coaches and mentors marketing consultants and small business owners. In the fall of 2013 Sandi was invited to appear on numerous local and national TV shows, including The Today Show. The media has been calling her "America's Top Balloon Expert." To see clips of her media appearances, visit her balloonexpert website. 


Masori also run a popular YouTube channel (Sandiballoon), where she teaches DIYers, Crafters and Balloon Professionals how to make Balloon Decorations and Balloon Art. 

In the precious spare time that she has between juggling those interests, Sandi likes to hang out with her family, read books, see movies, travel and hunt for the best Sushi in town.