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Grow Big Business Show

Jim Butz and Cynthia Trevino

Grow Big Business Show
32 min2016 JUL 4
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In this segment, Cynthia interviews Luci McMonagle.

Luci McMonagle is my guest this enlightening episode. She is an Abundance Breakthrough Coach who helps women entrepreneurs break through limiting beliefs to see and achieve the life they want, via a balance of both financial literacy, practicality, spirituality training and others. She explains about our ‘excellent’ zones and our ‘unique gift’ zones. You’ll hear about how Luci’s tipping point when her business grew and her impact exploded. She also shares her tried and true customer growth strategies: relationship building while networking and how to get speaking gigs. Listen for her golden tip about making deep connections at events where you’re speaking, to increase your credibility.


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Luci has expert guest interviews that will empower Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Fempreneurs and Small Business Owners with tips, personal stories, tools and knowledge. She also shares her free gift here, 10 Keys to Unlocking a 6 Figure Income,