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Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity

Halfstack Media Jennifer M. Lezan

Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity
--2017 DEC 15
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Welcome to Halfstack Highlights! This week we are talking to Jennifer Eden , the Co-Founder of Tampon Tribe. Yes, you heard that right. We are featuring an AMAZING subscription service that caters to those who are in need of monthly feminine hygiene products. We are going there, we are talking about periods this week. Tampon Tribe is a Southern California based startup that is shaking up the period industry by creating a product that is meeting certified organic standards, taking out all the chemicals found in traditional feminine hygiene products and making sure tampons and pads are accessible to all women. In the developed world, the idea of going without a basic need type product such as tampons or pads seems almost unthinkable. Yet, for those who live in poverty, lack of access to menstrual health care is a hindering reality. Going beyond the hindrance, poormenstrual hygiene can be d