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Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity

Halfstack Media Jennifer M. Lezan

Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity
--2018 JAN 15
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Like most creative endeavors, pursuing a career as an indie filmmaker is not easy. Lack of financing, time, resources (not to mention that pesky day job) all seem to conspire against you bringing your creative dream to life and sharing it with the world. Liz Manashil is working to try and make the process a little easier. The Manager of Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative is reaching out to indie filmmakers Liz is a microbudget feature writer/director. She is a frequent speaker on film panels and conferences, including South by Southwest 2018. Liz is a former film critic and often serves as a judge/jury member at film festivals. Her debut feature film, Bread and Butter, was released September 1, 2015 on The Orchard and can be seen on video-on-Demand nearly everywhere, including HULU where she once served as a film critic. The film was called “an absolute must watch for