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Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity

Halfstack Media Jennifer M. Lezan

Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity
--2018 JAN 16
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Welcome to Halfstack Highlights. This is Jen Lezan Editor in Chief of Halfstack Magazine and one of the hosts of the Halfstack Highlights Podcast. This week I speak with Kaben Clauson the founder of the Chicago based startup behind the Anonymous Opinions app – which can be found in the app store under AOP. The AOP app is all about sharing your thoughts and opinions anonymously. The Anonymous Opinions app is the place to express who you are, what you think, and see how your views connect with others. Every vote is anonymous. From brands to breaking news, pop culture to personal habits, relationships to hobbies and art, science or political polls – your opinion counts. Aop connects you to others around two core ideas: The importance of your opinion and a fun way to understand where your views fit in the world. I wanted to talk with Kaben about launching a startup dealing with technology. S