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Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity

Halfstack Media Jennifer M. Lezan

Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity
--2018 FEB 12
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Like most creatives, Kiirstin Marilyn has had her ups and downs. It is how the Brooklyn-based songwriter/musician/actress responds to life’s obstacles that makes her special. Kiirstin demonstrates the grit and persistence that a creative needs if she plans to succeed pursuing her dream. Singer/Songwriter/Actress Kiirstin Marilyn Kiirstin was excited to be signed to a small independent record label for the release of her EP, Ghosts. However, when the label wasn’t providing the type of marketing support for her EP that she thought it should, Kiirstin took it upon herself to put together a promotional tour that took her as far away as a music festival in Arizona. She planned to end the first leg of the tour with a show at Brooklyn’s iconic music venue Knitting Factory. Two days before the show was scheduled, Kiirstin was told her slot was “bumped” due to a misstep by the promoter. She could