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Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity

Halfstack Media Jennifer M. Lezan

Halfstack Highlights Podcast - Exploring the Business of Creativity
--2018 APR 4
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the latest episode of Halfstack Highlights!! This is Jen Lezan, welcome back to all of you who have subscribed to the series and for those of you who are new here - I am the Editor in Chief of a Chicago based digital magazine called Halfstack Magazine and I am also one of the hosts of our podcast: Halfstack Highlights. I am really excited to share this week’s episode as it features another badass female founder I met through the Project Entrepreneur Alumni group. Project Entrepreneur connected me with more female founders than I would have ever imagined. Over the last year since I attended the 3-day startup workshop and venture pitch competition, I’ve connected with nearly a hundred founders and organizations. Each one has a story that is somewhat familiar, but also incredibly inspirational. I’ve had the opportunity to share their stories with readers on the bl