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Inbound Logistics Podcast

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Inbound Logistics Podcast
23 minOCT 21
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In a turbulent economy that is forcing many companies to ride waves of uncertainty, Pharr International Bridge finds itself in a position not just of strength but of growth as well. With strategic business decisions and key investments in infrastructure, Pharr Bridge is looking to expand into 2021 and beyond. Bridge Director, Luis Bazan, joins us to share just how Pharr is bridging the gap into the new year. FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://bridge.pharr-tx.gov/ WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE?Call our Dialog Line: 888-878-3247 DOWNLOAD THE NEW INBOUND LOGISTICS APP featuring the updated and expanded Logistics Planner! Available on iTunes and the Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/ILMagApp http://bit.ly/ILMagAppGoogle Are you a #logistics Thought Leader that would like to be featured on the Inbound Logistics Podcast? Connect with me on Twitter: @ILMagPodcast Email me:podcast@inboundlogistics.com Connect with Inbound Logistics Magazine on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/inbound-logistics Follow us on Twitter:www.twitter.com/ILMagazine Like us on Facebook:www.facebook.com/InboundLogistics Catch our latest videos on YouTube:www.youtube.com/inboundlogistics Visit us atwww.inboundlogistics.com