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Information Strategy

Nick Inglis

Information Strategy
3 min2018 JAN 16
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Hi this is Nick Inglis and usually I'm speaking on behalf of the Information Coalition and the Information
Strategy Podcast, but this is my podcast and today's words are mine and mine alone. Today is Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr Day in the United States, a day set aside to honor one of our country's greatest fighters for
equality. This year, this is more important than most others. Communities are under assault by a presidency that seems hellbent on turning back the hands of time. The LGBTQ community has come under attack with a ban on transgender service itt the military and a rollback of title 9 protections of transgender children and students, the removal of LGBTQ people from federal surveys making it impossible to know in the future how services an being distributed fairly to transgender and gay communines. The immigrant community is under attack with travel bans, immigration protection rollbacks, an end of DACA, and a damaging policy of forced deportations - regardless of circumsta