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Kiss & Tell by Mistress Podcast Network

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Kiss & Tell by Mistress Podcast Network
47 MIN2017 JUN 7
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While Kathy Griffin was busy making a distasteful viral video our President seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel of a Tweet, and “covfefe” was born. Kiss & Tell returns to celebrate the release of Mistress’s launch of Give The Talk, a “birds and the bees” campaign that raises awareness about sex and provide resources to help answer your child’s questions about sex. Give the Talk also serves as a response to an alarming fact that 90% of 8-11 year olds are exposed to “hardcore online porn”. #givethetalk So before you binge on another season of the newly released House of Cards, sit back, find some traffic, download and subscribe to Kiss & Tell. We promise you’ll at least walk away knowing what the youth on Fairfax are wearing and what a five-time AVN awarded and hall of fame “adult entertainer” thinks your child should know about sex.http://www.givethetalk.com