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Monetising Knowledge

Mel Telecican

Monetising Knowledge
44 MIN2018 JAN 8
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In this episode, I interview Jay Fiset the Creator of Masterminds to Millions program that helps people to launch, fill and run successful masterminds. In this episode we cover: • Why you need to be in a mastermind as well as leading a mastermind • The three things you need to consider when choosing a mastermind • When to measure ROI from a mastermind you are part of • How to approach a mastermind you want to be a part of • Knowing when you are ready to lead your own mastermind • Influence, celebrity and access -  the ingredients of when you need to consider leading your mastermind • Promise, position, structure and price - the key components of establishing a successful mastermind • The two reasons why masterminds don't have successful launches • The ideal number of face-to-face interactions to create intimacy within your mastermind • The concept of a Commitment Day in the start of your mastermind • Setting parameters and frameworks for your mastermind • The three components that you need to run a long-term successful mastermind • The problem of too much content • Qualifying potential members for your mastermind • The Beta model conversationLinks mentioned in the podcast • Mastermind to Millions