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Often Ambitious Podcast

Erika Sheffer, Lindsey Plevyak

Often Ambitious Podcast
28 MIN2019 SEP 4
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We're so excited to be BACK! After taking a momentary leave, going back to the drawing board and reflecting on all we have done in the past year, we are excited to be back with season two.

We have set strong intentions and we're ready to bring more fire, more truth, and more tangibles to help you uplevel your business, your mindset, your finances, and your personal wellness.

Be warned though - we may trigger you, and we will definitely challenge you. We believe it takes heart, grit, and guts to create the success you dream of. So we are going to do our part -- and that is to lift you up, help you toughen up, and show you how to create your own version of success.

We're going to be ruthlessly honest with you in this season.
And we believe, based on the experiences, trials, and tragedies we have experienced, we have a lot of grounds to speak into your life.

You ready? Strap in!


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