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Often Ambitious Podcast

Erika Sheffer, Lindsey Plevyak

Often Ambitious Podcast
42 MINMAY 13
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Today’s episode covers how to have a shift (or even get unstuck) in your business. We’ll walk you through how to shift your focus, what to actually focus on, how to take personal inventory, and invest in the right activities.

The cool this is this: there’s no “secret” to success, and anyone can have a shift. Whether you’ve just starting out or you’ve found yourself in a rut -- this episode is for you.

We cover things like:
How to be more TEAM focused, instead of ME focused
How to challenge and activate the right people on your team
The difference between GOALS and GROWTH
Why leaders focus on paying the price vs. the perks

We’re digging deep in this episode and this is for you if you need a gut punch and a plan.

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