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Often Ambitious Podcast

Erika Sheffer, Lindsey Plevyak

Often Ambitious Podcast
28 MINMAY 19
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Prepare to be triggered!

No, really. Let’s be honest… most of us grew up feeling awkward around the conversation about money. If we’re honest, we hardly learned anything about money growing up.

Except the classic:
“Money doesn’t grow on trees”
“Money is hard to make”
“Only spend what you have”
“Save, save, save”

Our goal is to break down some truths around money… but not only that, the real conversation is around abundance vs. scarcity.

It’s time to have the convo… and while it will probably trigger you at first, if you’re open to it, this conversation could free you.

In this episode we talk about what scarcity is, what abundance means, how to identify your limiting beliefs, how to create new beliefs, and how to put into action those new beliefs so you can ultimately change your life.

Are you ready for it?

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