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Paul Hickey's Data Driven Daily Tips
5 MIN2018 OCT. 16
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Ep.75: Attention Marketers: Does Your Web Developer Know About Facebook Events Partner Integrations? It's a tool within Facebook Business Manager that makes it super easy for the non-technical marketing person to easily integrate their website conversions, eCommerce or Lead Generation, or even custom events like button clicks and scroll-to-stops, modal window opens, etc. - and, perhaps the best, CRM lead generation integration, ALL BACK TO FACEBOOK ADS!
We're talking a three to five minute set-up process to get your Shopify Store, WordPress WooCommerce Store, even Magento, BigCommerce stores hooked up directly into your Facebook Ads reporting dashboard.
It even includes CRMs like InfusionSoft, SalesForce and Zoho, and of course, Google Tag Manager.
Not only does this allow you to SEE THE DATA that is most valuable to you, but it allows you to RUN future Facebook Ads that are optimized to the actions that you want.
Here is a video that explains it all, followed by screenshots from the Shopify Integration Process (we just picked one).
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