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Poker Divas

Ellen Leikind

Poker Divas
59 min2018 NOV 15
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You Can’t Shatter the Glass Ceiling Until You’ve Made it Through the Front Door

Thursday on the PokerDivas show Host Ellen Leikind will talk about how You Can’t Shatter the Glass Ceiling Until You’ve Made it Through the Front Door. This episode is geared for women and men just entering the workforce. Ellen will talk with Anne Ryan a 15-year software professional, four-time Grace Hopper Celebration speaker, and a PokerDivas first place workshop winner about:
•-Crafting your elevator pitch
•-The importance of submitting your resume even if you don’t have all the qualifications
•-Knowing the players by researching the people and the company
•-Why looks mater
•-The 4 aesthetics of your resume 
•-Why you need to learn to brag
•-Once you get in the door how do you get the offer?
•-The 3 most important things a person should do before the interview.
•-Why you don’t go to the high stakes table or interview before you are ready.
Tune in to learn more!

Segment 1
Ellen welcomes her listeners. Today’s show is going to be about those who are going to enter the workforce or returning to the workforce. It’s geared toward young adults. Ellen introduces Anne Ryan, a 15-year software professional, four-time Grace Hopper Celebration speaker, and Poker Divas first place workshop winner. Ellen gives a brief insight about Anne Ryan. Anne talks about the workshop that most college students attend. Anne opens with the thoughts of “elevator” pitches.
Segment 2
Ellen and Anne continue their discussion about resumes, cover letters, and elevator pitches. Anne gives insights about how resumes are suppose to be as well as common mistakes. Anne also talks about which level of importance goes first on your resume.  She even gives insights about the differences between a one-page resume versus a two-page resume. Anne gives advice about the importance of structuring your resume and presenting it to the reader.
Segment 3
Ellen and Anne talks about how bragging a little bit can help you in the long run. It can help you look like a better candidate. Anne talks about the objective statement doesn’t always have to be in your resume, but it’s shows what qualities that you have. It’s suppose to be backed up with what is in your resume. A woman needs 8 to 10 skills to apply for a job while men just apply, even if they don’t have that skilsl. Anne talks about how job descriptions can highlight the skills you do have in your resumes and recommends having two different versions of your resume. She loves to see people apply to things that interest them. Anne also discusses practicing your elevator pitch.
Segment 4
In closing, Ellen and Anne talk about how to ace a job interview and gives advice about acing that interview. Practice until you’re comfortable, prepare questions for the company, remember that an interview is a “two way street”. The company is interviewing you and you are interviewing the company to get a feel for it. It’s important to research the company. Ellen talks about how nonverbal cues are important like your voice tone, body language, etc. Anne closes with advice about how to conduct a phone interview and a video interview.