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Rare Voices Podcast

Donovan Quill

Rare Voices Podcast
32 min2020 JUL 7
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Some people are the unique combination of visionary genius and thoughtful character. They connect the head and the heart. Our guest for Rare Voices Episode 3 is one such person, Ken Greathouse. Ken is a veteran commercialization guru and a great friend. Ken has a decades-long point-of-view on developing innovative therapies with a proven track record in commercialization, sales and marketing for pharmaceuticals. When Ken sold Manchester Pharmaceuticals, he created the Greathouse Family Foundation with his wife, three sons, and daughter-in-law, in an effort to fund research for patients with orphan and rare disorders. The phrase, “That’s the way we have always done it,” does not apply to Ken. If you are ready to be provoked into a new way of thinking about how we could bring new therapies to market for people who need them the most, you won’t be disappointed with this conversation in Episode 3.