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Rare Voices Podcast

Donovan Quill

Rare Voices Podcast
42 min2020 SEP 24
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In healthcare, it is easy to become cynical. We are surrounded by the shortcomings of our own industry — it’s easy to criticize and point out where we fall short. Everyone… frontline workers, patients, doctors, pharmacists, researchers, administrators… we all have, at some time or another, felt powerless to make things better. This powerlessness is made worse by our pandemic and the complications and uncertainties that surround us. But, once in a while, we meet people who inspire us to pick up our burden and move forward. Rather than preaching from some lofty hilltop, they do this by their example. This episode of Rare Voices features one of those examples. At least, he has been one for me. Our guest today is Bill Jollie, an account executive for a global drug manufacturing company. But, more importantly, Bill is a husband, a foster parent, a cancer survivor, a nonprofit founder, a Marine, and an inspiring human.