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Rise to Success

Merideth Bisiker

Rise to Success
42 min2017 JAN 16
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When I was first inspired to create the Rise to Success podcast, I had a very singular vision: to share with you the stories of women and men who have found success on their own terms.  

Lila Simmons has taken some brave steps to overcome what she calls her stories of abandonment and betrayal by those who we would expect would love her most.

She tells us how her life's changing point was the moment she decided that it was OK for her to put raising my children as her top priority, even above providing for them. That moment actually allowed her to be able to go from veritable homelessness to actually providing for us.

Lila is a woman of multiple geniuses on a mission to uplift women who feel overwhelmed, heartbroken and lost into a space of more peace, power and freedom so they can live the lives the choose to live.

Lila's Light provides actualization coaching and energy healing for women who crave more peace, power and freedom.

You can find her at www.lilasimmons.com, and you can check out the show notes for the link to request a meditation that Lila created to help you release what no longer serves you.