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Rise to Success

Merideth Bisiker

Rise to Success
48 min2016 DEC 2
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You’ll hear me joke with Laura in the beginning of this episode that it feels to me like we were twins separated at birth.  While Laura is a business coach and helps her clients implement strategies that feel right for them, she actually asks her clients to commit  first to fostering the right mindset for business and for their lives, because without that, they’ll stay stuck.

Laura shares her story of transformation in her career.  As she was nearing the end of her work as a PhD student in science, she realized that she wasn’t meant to work in a lab alone.  She’s a people person, and after she completed her schooling, she moved into corporate doing a lot of business improvement work.  Over the years she’s taken her scientific curiosity and blended it with her understanding of what motivates people, and is now self-employed and helping other business owners achieve success. 

Laura tells us how most businesses try to grow the inside out way, and gives us a unique perspective on how we should be creating our offers and connecting with our perfect paying clients.

We also chat about how fear holds business owners back and the best way to conquer it, and she shares her no- B.S. approach that her clients call compassionate and caring.

You can connect with Laura on her websiste www.inspirential.com, and you can connect with her in her facebook group Inspired Hustlers Manifesting Lab, where she shares her own best resources.