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Rise to Success

Merideth Bisiker

Rise to Success
47 min2016 DEC 31
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Working as a coach is Linda's passion. After her marriage ended while an expat living in Panama, she returned to Canada  to rebuild her life and to pursue her dream of becoming a coach. Through her coach training at CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) she processed the hurt of the divorce and realized that her marriage had failed in large part due to her inability to communicate well. Once finished her coach training she set her niche on helping others to improve their communication skills as she had been doing ever since the marriage ended. 

She now teaches clients how to first  find their Courage, then improve their Communication to finally help achieve that deeper Connection we are all searching for. Without good communication skills and a self awareness of what we are doing in our conversations we will continue to do and get what we always did from our relationships, both professional and personal, which is often the exact opposite of what we wanted.

As a money coach, and as a wife, I understand how important it is to be able to communicate about money matters well with our partners.  Knowing how to open up a conversation about money issues that are important to us in a way that is respectful and effective is one of the keys to effective marriages.  It’s no secret that most marriages suffer because of money problems, so in my opinion, if you’re in a committed relationship, this is one of the most important episodes you can hear.

In this episode, Linda gives you REAL conversation starters that you can use when you open up conversations about money, and she guides you through full conversations so you can see how to successfully talk money with your partner.

Listen for a chance to win one of Linda’s favourite books, Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. 

You can connect with Linda on her website http://awakeningslifecoaching.ca/, and you can book a sample coaching session with her to experience her style.  I just love her, and I know this won’t be the last time you hear us talking.