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Rise to Success

Merideth Bisiker

Rise to Success
48 min2016 NOV 25
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Lindsey empowers creative kids and their families by showing them how they can leverage curiosity to experience more success learning math, science, and engineering. Lindsey uses everyday experiences to make difficult math and science content accessible, relevant, and fun.

As an academic empowerment coach, Lindsey works with students one-on-one and has more widely-available educational resources to strengthen the academic confidence of creative kids.

We geeked out over brain talk, and what will especially interest you is our conversation about how adults can shift their patterns of thinking, even when we feel like we’re just old dogs who can’t be taught new tricks. 

We also talk about failing fast and hard, and how that’s a REALLY good thing to learn how to do as entrepreneurs and as students. 

You can reach out to Lindsey at www.opportunityunlocked.com, and you can download one of her incredible resources at www.opportunityunlocked.com/everyday-curiosity.