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Rise to Success

Merideth Bisiker

Rise to Success
52 min2016 DEC 14
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An inspiring conversation about how you don’t have to make your business your “side hustle.” In fact, you can have a job you love and a business you love and give priority to both.  You can have it all.


As a Freedom Catalyst, Transformational Mindset & Confidence Coach, and founder of the Women’s Side Hustle Society, Gina is on a mission to empower stressed and busy working women who are building their business on the side while working a full time job to create an exit strategy and execute the process with less stress and more ease and grace.

She helps wome feel less like jumping off a cliff and more like strategically taking the stairs as they meld their working life and entrepreneurial life together.

For over 4 years Gina has helps dozens of women discover what they truly want from life and succeed in creating an action plan to get there. Her specialty lies in helping women define and then create their unique version of freedom in a way that feels good through addressing stress, limiting beliefs, fear and confidence.

You can connect with Gina at www.gina-louise.com

And you can get more access to her genius at https://ginalouise.leadpages.co/ebook-time-freedom/