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Rockstar Closer Radio


Rockstar Closer Radio
37 min2015 JUN 15
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My guest this week is a woman of many talents and I specifically invited her on the show to talk about her vast knowledge of Instagram. As expected, I was not let down. I was taking notes about websites and strategies as fast as Tar'lese could spit them out.  I've known Tar'lese for a few years online and actually met her in person for the first time earlier this year.

We've both traveled a lot of the same paths in our lives. We have a ton of mutual friends and her soon to be husband is a legend in the game. I'll get her to make him come on here at a later date ;-)

On this show you can expect to get a detailed description of IG, the psychology behind it, hashtag searching and so much more. Make sure you're somewhere with the ability to take notes, you'll want to take plenty for this episode. 

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