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SO Unbecoming with Jamie Muskopf

Jamie Muskopf

SO Unbecoming with Jamie Muskopf
55 MIN2019 DEC 10
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My conversation with former Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA) Site Manager now Operations Project Manager for MSSA, Candina “Dina” Janicki features a discussion of the dynamics of transition for military spouses, particularly when it comes to career, and how establishing a framework and identifying things you can, should, will and won't do for your career can be game changing as you go from duty station to duty station.  We explore why career continuity isn't always what we think it should look like but is achievable depending on how you look here. Dina and I dive into a few key approaches that I hope will help those of you who might be in a place of transition right now think about how to frame things as you move forward.

Connect with Dina on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/candinajanicki/

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