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SpotLight on Success

Rob Thrasher

SpotLight on Success
32 min2018 AUG 21
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...and other mental health disorders are stigmaitzed in the workplace, in the family and in society in general. Out goal at Healing in the SpotLight will focus on all the phases of bipolar and mental health disorders. In the episode we discuss this with Amanda Doane who lives in Upstate NY with her mom. This episode focuses on the discover phase. The moment in time when Amanda discovers she has bipolar. We continue to explore people with Bipolar and Mental Health Disorders for Healing-With-ART.org. Communication, Education & Transportaion - One of the primary things we noticed is that when we started openly discussing her disorder that we found MANY more people with bipolar than we ever knew. Workmates, friends, and family have talked with us about another friend or family member with bipolar. Unfortunately, many people with bipolar suffer in silence, never seek help and die. This is a new era and we have to ATTACK the disorder by simply communicating more about it. In our first year, we will visit a new city, school or other nonprofits biweekly, to simply talk about the disorder. We will use discreet website forms, forums, and social media to keep our communications 24x7x365.  We will create a club and support methods.