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SpotLight on Success

Rob Thrasher

SpotLight on Success
6 min2018 JUL 18
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Rob Thrasher And Amanda Doane Discuss Mental Illnesses And Challenges And How It Has Affected And Changed Thier Lives And How Hard It Is For Others Like Them Out There, The Trials They Face And How Hard It Can Be For The Mentally Challenged /Handicapped Or Mentally Ill, How Hard It Can Be For These People To Succeed As Well As Good Coping Skills And How To Handle Everything. They Do Not See ‘The Light At The End Of The Tunnel’ As Many Normal Do, But Here Rob And Amanda Talk About Good Ways To Cope As Well As Helping Others With Thier Challenges And The Things The Mentally Challenged Face. As Well As Amanda Has Her Own Poetry Series ‘Just Go Kill Yourself’