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Success at the Speed of Thought!


Success at the Speed of Thought!
34 min2013 JAN 9
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(Visit: Retention.Mentormoment.com for more info)
Are you a collector of People, or do you deliver Dreams? One can get you Rich the other will Make you WEALTHY. 
For years I've been sharing ideas how to communicate with people and to grow retention so they don't have to keep replacing people that fall of the cart. 
Retention Marketing is about learning how to customize your product, brand, service to fit their need. In order to do that, you need to learn / know your target audience better then they know themselves! 
In Network Marketing, your target audience is "PEOPLE". So do you know people? Do you know how to speak to people so you are always INVITING no matter the conversation? Do you know how to LISTEN to people?
Take the next 30 mintues and lets see if I can bring you any value to help you Keep more of your hard work!
Hugs from Dallas
Sean G Murphy