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The Feconomy Podcast

The Feconomy Podcast

The Feconomy Podcast
33 MIN2019 JUN 1
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The Feconomy Brunch Club is a networking event where the conversation is female focused and the food and drink are sourced from female led businesses. The idea is to put money back into the pockets of females, whilst enjoying a really good meal.

It kicked off with meat week, and Tara cooked up a feast! On the menu we had hogget chops from Romshed Farm and Persian-style slow cooked lamb shoulder from Lavinton Lamb, served with kimchi provided by Yumchi, edible flower salad from Audacious Veg, Feconomy pink eggs from Bulk Market, and homemade labneh on green flatbreads.

This first brunch was attended by Antigony Alti, founder of explore.her studio, Fidelity Weston, a female farmer, Lily Hirasawa, founder of Yumchi, Rosie Reed, a sculptural artist, and Hazel Mead, a freelance illustrator.

We begin this first episode explaining our reasons behind starting this venture, before dipping into the post-brunch discussion at the table.
Join us as we explore the female economy across different industries, and the inequality within business funding, and support.

Food supplied by:
Romshed Farm - https://romshedfarm.co.uk/
Lavinton Lamb - http://www.lavinton.com/
Yumchi - https://yumchi.co/
Audacious Veg - https://audaciousveg.org/
Bulk Market - https://www.bulkmarket.uk/
Girls Who Grind Coffee - https://www.girlswhogrindcoffee.com/
Teapigs - https://www.teapigs.co.uk/
Rebel Kitchen - https://rebel-kitchen.com/

Antigony Alti [@explore.her]
Fidelity Weston
Hazel Mead [@hazel.mead]
Lily Hirasawa [@yumchikimchi]
Rosie Reed [@rosiemreed]