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The Feconomy Podcast

The Feconomy Podcast

The Feconomy Podcast
41 MIN2019 AUG 20
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This time it was fish week, and we wanted to find a way to incorporate fish into a brunch dish without it being your typical salmon and eggs. So tara cooked up a pollack kedgeree using fish from the wonderful Sole of Discretion served with The Feconomy pink eggs and tamarind, date and chive butter.

In attendance we had Alex Hoffler, co-founder of Meringue Girls, Tali Knipe, a female chef, Caroline Bennett, founder of Sole of Discretion, Abi Nolan, founder of Supply Yoga and Mary Benson, a sustainable fashion designer.

In this episode we talk about the role gender plays in the workplace and our experiences as women working with men, especially in male dominated industries. Caroline gives us an insight into sustainable and ethical fishing, and we also have a good chat about being a mum whilst running a business, and what that actually looks like.

Food and drink supplied by:
Sole of Discretion - https://soleofdiscretion.co.uk/
Audacious Veg – https://audaciousveg.org/
Bulk Market – https://www.bulkmarket.uk/
Girls Who Grind – http://www.girlswhogrindcoffee.com
Beeble – https://beeble.buzz/
Teapigs – http://www.teapigs.co.uk/
Rebel Kitchen – http://www.rebel-kitchen.com/

Alex Hoffler [@meringuegirls]
Tali Knipe [@taliknipe]
Abi Nolan [@supply_yoga]
Caroline Bennett
Mary Benson [@marybensonlondon]