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15 MIN2007 NOV 11
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This week The PMO Podcast Featured Story presents, "Don't Assume Project Managers are Good PMO Team Players", an interview with Ron Anderson, President of The MTC Firm, presented by Mark Perry (about Mark), host of The PMO Podcast. Consider the following. Your organization has just decided to implement a PMO and you have been named to set it up and manage it. Your CIO, along with his management team, has already put in place most of the PMO staff in terms of project managers and shared resources and has stressed to you the importance of good teamwork. As you plan and look forward to heading this new unit, you are not doubt excited and motivated to achieve success for the PMO. But, does your team have the same kind of excitement, motivation, and commitment. Your project managers can management projects, presumably, but are they good PMO team players? The answer may surprise you and hear to tell us more about this very interesting subject is Ron Anderson, the President of The MTC Firm.

The PMO Podcast Points Memo presents, “Managing Workplace Conflict." When people work together in groups, there are bound to be times when individuals disagree and conflicts arise. Whether these disagreements become full-blown feuds or instead fuel creative problem solving is, in large part, up to the person in charge. Management and team leaders can do a lot to ensure that your folks deal with workplace disagreements in proactive and productive ways by knowing when and how to intervene. Here are five practical tips for dealing with employee spats in the workplace.

The PMO Podcast Mailbag answers a listener question about working in an organization that refuses to embrace any kind of project management methodology.

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