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Tribe Shift


Tribe Shift
24 min2019 MAY 12
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My guest today is Frank Shamrock.  
Brought up in a broken family, Frank's early life was filled with violence, poverty and trouble. He became a ward of the State of California at the age of 12 and a prison inmate at 18. By the age of 22, however, his name was known around the world as a champion.
A pioneer of modern combat sports, Frank became the world's first UFC Middleweight Champion, the first Mexican American MMA Champion and left the UFC as the four-time undefeated champion.
Widely considered the first complete mixed marital arts fighter, he credits martial arts for having saved his life.
Although no longer fighting, Frank is actively involved in his charity, the Shamrock Way organization, speaking on stages around the world to inspire athletes, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, high performers and doing executive coaching at companies such as Google with a developed a new curriculum based on the Warriors Code.