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Tribe Shift


Tribe Shift
24 min2019 SEP 5
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Tara Byrne is a lawyer, who has a superb record in defending businesses, often in David and Goliath scenarios. From taking on Chanel on a trademark dispute and winning to skilfully dealing with and disposing of multi-million euro insurance claims, she’s uniquely placed in knowing the “business of business” and the part that lawyers and the law can play in protecting and defending businesses.
Tara is also an active philanthropist, and a stakeholder in a number of businesses and ran her own commercial law firm for over 10 years.
Tara uses her experience as a businessperson and lawyer to ensure individuals and businesses know how to play the legal game and it’s great to have her here today so that the Tribe can gain an insight into this highly complex area.
Tara's cross sector industry clients (from manufacturers to hospitality to retail to Fast Moving Consumer Goods) acknowledge and reap the benefit of her considerable knowledge, experience and her intense personal investment in their cause.
Her core belief is that no matter the legal issue, a synergistic client and lawyer approach is the fundamental driver underlying the will to win and the balance sheet. This approach and belief enables her to achieve optimum results for her clients in contractual relations and contentious matters.
Here is the link to the Dan Pena article referred to during the interview:  https://www.danpena.co.uk/28-rules-of-business-litigation/
You can contact Tara via LinkedIn: 
To find out more about Dan Pena and his QLA methodology, seminars and courses, go to his website:  https://www.danpena.co.uk/