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Unleash the Entrepreneur Podcast

Erika Sheffer

Unleash the Entrepreneur Podcast
37 min2017 DEC 1
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MLM can get a bad rap... because let's be honest, A LOT of people are doing it wrong. We've all been on the receiving end of a cold, awkward message, and we all get that icky feeling when we see our friends post endless graphics in the newsfeed.

BUT, on the other hand, there's a new trend happening... where top influencers are partnering with network marketing companies and cashing in on their social media influence.

I brought on my biz partner and the one and only Social Celebrity, Brooke Rash to dig deep into why influencers are partnering with MLM companies.

This episode is JUICY!!! And spoiler alert: we cover all of the taboo topics around MLM that you've always thought to yourself.

Show notes: www.blog.erikasheffer.com

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