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Unstoppable Business Academy

Brian Li

Unstoppable Business Academy
8 MIN2019 MAY 8
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I remember my favorite restaurant as a kid.Katsumi.It was a sushi restaurant in my neighborhood.There were bright red neon lights on the window with the word “Welcome” and enticing photos of sushi perched on a stand outside the restaurant. It would be our go-to option whenever my parents couldn’t decide where to eat.Me and my sister would light up and suggest dinner there…I remember running up to the restaurant and swinging open those painted-red doors as the welcome bells chimed.I would always be the first to those doors. (Or my sister - if she could get ahead of me)The owners would smile warmly and greet us.We were the regulars for that restaurant.As the years passed, I noticed that the restaurant was always relatively empty…And I overheard some arguments and realized that the owners were struggling financially…This confused me....