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Where's My Damn Mail?


Where's My Damn Mail?
43 min2020 NOV 21
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Hey this episode I was a little more relaxed (mental note drink more before podcast) please excuse the giggles LOL. I like to thank Julius Turner @TWOTL's Production for the jingle for my show I love it. As you can tell by the title this episode is about packaging.  Also information on assistance for any issue you have with the USPS.  The number to Consumer Complaints is 800-275-8777 or you can email them at www.usps.com go to help tab click contact us then email. Also USPS open enrollment is from November 9- December 14. This episode guest Speaker is Bryan from Thepassbtpod and relyonbotllc web design http://thepassbtpod.buzzsprout.com/ http://twitter.com/thepassbtpod. Follow me your hostess Tee on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wheres_my_damn_mail. I will create a twitter account soon.