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Becoming Fearless Podcast

Annie Spano

Becoming Fearless Podcast
53 minJAN 20
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Today on the Becoming Fearless podcast, meet Kelsey Murphy, a business and life coach who works with people to help them redefine what they want to do for work and create businesses that fit their holistic visions of their lives. Kelsey has a background in advertising, but she always knew advertising wasn’t meant to be her long-term dream. What Kelsey really loved was personal development, so she started her journey toward life coaching. Join Kelsey and Annie as they talk finding your calling, building something you’re proud of, dabbling in your interests, finding a community, doing something meaningful, and taking responsibility for your own motivation.


“It does not happen in a day; it does not happen in a year. You have to find that wherewithal and that stamina to say ‘this is something I want for my life’.”

“What makes this journey way more enjoyable is when you have friends to do it with.”

“You have to inject inspiration into your life.”

“The emotional side of you is truly a superpower.”