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Becoming Fearless Podcast

Annie Spano

Becoming Fearless Podcast
42 minFEB 3
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On this episode of Becoming Fearless, meet Anna Churchill, the founder of Synergy Face and Body, a med spa focused on clinical and corrective skincare. As a professional dancer, Anna always loved the aesthetic element of performance. After working with plastic surgeons and dermatologists for years, Anna decided to open her own business. Since opening her first location 15 years ago, Anna has grown her business to meet demand and expand services. Join Anna and Annie as they talk finding your identity, being good at something, becoming an expert, learning to do the hard things, being transparent, and focusing on the why.

Our Favorite Quotes:

“People want to feel good about themselves.”

“If anyone else is doing it, then it can be done.”

“It’s part of the journey – learning about yourself.” - Annie

“Focus on the why, not the how.”

“Once you make the decision and you jump off the cliff, guess what, you’re gonna have to figure out how to fly.”

“Being fearless is knowing you have fears and still moving forward.”