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12 MIN2018 OCT. 5
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7 Steps to Building the Life You Want

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When you first make the decision to actively build the life you want, it is important that you understand the seven (7) steps involved within the growth process.  I like to explain this process using the law of sowing and reaping.

You will reap, what you sow

Your sowing is directly responsible for what you’re reaping.  This tells you that paying attention to the seed you’re sowing is very important. The first thing I recommend is to get a vision of the future you want.  What kind of life do you want to live?  Let’s cover each of the 7 Steps to Building the Life You Want.
1)  Decide what you want
2)  Get the Seed for what you want and Sow It in your mind
3)  Believe you can have what you want.
4)  See yourself in possession of what you want
5) Become the person who has the life you want to have
6) Perform the behavior of the person who has the life you want
7) Receive the life you want daily
How do you plan on building the life you want?

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